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Jenna Lyons is my spirit animal

hbz-jenna-lyons-promo hbz-jenna-lyons-promo

We all know my love for J Crew, but however the one thing greater then that love , is my praise to my leader Jenna Lyons. The one , the only, the all mighty and amazing Jenna Lyons. I have had a ostrich  feathers black mini in my wardrobe for some time now. Fun fact , I scored it on eBay for $60 ! Bless eBay’s beautiful soul. But, there is something next level with the creation that Ms Lyons has created. With the relaxed feel of a tee shirt , pure geniuses ( and we expect nothing better from the women herself). Can I be the first to say , I have never been the girl to dream of a her wedding day , although I do enjoy “Say yes to the dress “, I truly believe I would personal great Jena Lyons with rage and demand that she swaps my wedding dress with her simplistic look. What I would give for a skirt, just to hang it from my door and gaze at it , the softness of feathers , especially ostrich can never be beaten. And that what’s Ms Lyons has shown in her outfit , she doesn’t pair the skirt with anything harsh, no just a simple white shirt and a fur for wartime ( I bet its vintage , just saying).


This inspiration , has lead me to gather one of my greatest eBay finds and reinvent it in totally unique looks and ways. Although , my feather shirt may not be white and may not be long, I know we can build many wonderful times together. Keep waiting for these adventures tales to see what wild concoctions spin from my mind.


Button down your button up

This one is for all my fellow flat chest ladies. The glory of th3e flat chest is really never shown, its truly wonderful been a A-B , cause it will be very very difficult for you to look like a lady of the night or very boobie. ( Cause you don’t have anything);. Now , I no longer live in the shame of “fake it till you make it ” with my B’s but embrace them and so should you. The other day, I discover another way to use the classic button( second favourite clothing item , after an orange cashmere sweater) in a whole new light. Now what you need to do, if tie it up above your belly button ( this looks best with high wasted pants or skirts ) and forget about the button, just let the top sit over your chest. You should have created a nice deep almost v or rectangle. Now tap the sides, in case of slipping or wear a nice fancy bra under , maybe black lace. To go a little more heavy , add heaps of necklaces and layer the chest up if you feel exposed or just want some fun. This look works best with night looks and I have found works with both silk/ silk like fabrics and normal cotton.
Don’t fake it till you make it, embrace it and race with it!

Bellow is a little outfit inspiration, as I tried to take a picture of mine and it didn’t work.