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Untitled #58

Untitled #58

By Malene Birger cream dress
$210 –

Retro purse
$160 –

Revlon blue eye makeup
$20 –


Black Friday count down

Oh sale season I love you deeply , you are my everything. I dream about this week, I cross the days off my Calendar , maybe next year I will make my own chocolate count down calendar like the ones for Christmas. But , that one day a year ( well its grown from that into like 3 days) is near. I can smell the samples , I can hear people every where training for this day , memorizes there sizes in year brand , cut and style. Coupons fill the every person draw , ready for this day. Black Friday !

As, my normal pre black Friday goes, I scroll my favourite places , composing a list of all the things I will die without, marginally need and will become an impulse buy ( we must avoid these items). On top of my list of things that will improve my life by 5 % is these bad boys. Superga sneakers, not just any old sneaker , these amazing to die for ( I will go hunger games to get theses ) are cow hid / pony fur sneakers.I just need them , with cigarette jeans and a cashmere sweater and I am set for the happy season, cause with these on my feet I can take the world. Now I tell I need these as my friends, so don’t go buying them all on me now that’s just plan , rude. Now everyone go practice there reflects for the big day !

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On Point in Flats

Although, I am slight below average height I still gravitate towards a silk flat when in doubt for a night out. There is just something about the sleek sophistication of a flat. When everyone is wearing less appealing ‘heels’, or shall I say less exciting. Wearing flats while everyone wears heels , just gives you the upper hand. You look polished , sleek , sophisticated and when you have had one to many ( although that never happens) you can still walk.A good flat can really complete any look , my favourite ‘disco flats’ is the trust and my lover the brogue. The humble brogue is just wonderful, leather detailing or not, it really lifts ever outfit to a sophisticated land where you a deemed a little more  cosmopolitan then fellow party goers. One of my favourites is a nice little pair buy Zimmerman, they tossed it up a little , but still kept a classic shape.

Screenshot (233) Screenshot (231)

My second winner is the Mary Jane style pointed toe flat. This is essential when mastering the flats attack in a see of heels, always , always , always have pointed toe and never show the toe. The Mary Jane strap in these little Tabitha Simmons are darling. So next time party invitations come knocking on your door, or more appropriately filling ones news feed, take and  stand against blister and horrible tacky  heels or dare I say colour blocked wedges, go flat and you will stand out.

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Thing that will make your life better : The Striped dress

I have always been a stripes fan! I love them, they love me. Match made in Ralph Lauren heaven! I own a total of more then 6 different items of stripped clothing. ( it has over taken the amount of white I own !!!). But, my favourite piece that will never , ever , ever go out if the stripped dress. Now, some people are wearing this shapeless t-shirt stripped dresses and they are truly horrible and look like pjs, not the good kind. And honestly people they don’t look like the whole “I am wearing my boyfriends , cause I slept at his house ” look, However, when in doubt , the experts do it right and my oh my has Tanya Taylor done it! I am truly in love right now and will always ! I honestly think , no sorry KNOW! That this dress will improve my life by more then 10% ! Its that great !!!!!!