Monogram is the new Black

My current conversation ( to myself ) when online shopping.

Can I monogram that? If they don’t monogram , I don’t want it ! OOH wait they MONOGRAM , my installs are on everything ?

Queue buying everything and places C.O.D on all leather goods.

I hate to confess , well I lie , I just need to tell everyone.I love monogram ( not as must as cashmere of course ) , but its so great.! What’s not to love! Its harder for someone to steal your fine leather goods.Its personalized, great gift option. Let’s not forget the fact that I and make up a 3 letter combination and they will put it on my leather goods ! I SILVER OR GOLD ! Whatever your want , many combination, It could be G.O.D , I sense Kanye has taken that one. My other personal favourites are Y.A.S , S.U.P, W.H.O , Y.O.U  and of course N.O.O. Think about it , you could answer basic question with all your leather goods. If someone is annoying you, just hold up your clutch that say N.O.O and they will leave you alone

.Its like personalized number plates on better , cause you don’t need to buy a car. My personal favourite and new number 1 gift that my nearest and dearests will be receiving is the Madewell luggage tag , with my initials of course.

What I love , is that everyone has finial worked out what I need right now and areinfo fact allowing me to monogram, not only does Madewell trusts me , but Saturday by Kate Spade trusts me. THEY TRUST ME. And they know I am coming , they have dedicated sections to Monograming !

So don’t screw this up for me people , I am still waiting to find the perfect pyjamas to be monogrammed , along with everything I own.

Thank you Saturday  by Kate Spade , for getting me  and thank McDowell for giving the power of 3 letter

Screenshot (229)       Screenshot (230)

Check it out and Monogram your own goodies,en_US,sc.html?cm_sp=1111014homepage-_-Monogram-_-hero4