Gardening the Chanel way

Chanel will never fail with endless transformations each season. This spring/summer couture provides us with of what Karl must wear on Sunday afternoon slipping lemonade taming roses. It was a truly dream like collection so soft and whimsical , wit light flowing fabric. However, like Dior primary colours are coming in strong this season and we expect many more to come, taking nod to the colours of many bloggers childhoods. There was something I just adored about the use of just strong blue tones, soft innocent blush  and  more harsh reds that work  in such harming with the normal staple black.

Although with many low wasit skirts , bearing full bottom belly does this mean goodbye to my beloved high waisted piece. Please be kind Karl we don’t have Gisele body

Good work Karl and I must say I love your garden, his very nice he can fix my garden any day.

Here are some of my most adored looks below, all images are sourced from vogue uk.

KIM_1098KIM_1264 KIM_1345 KIM_1045 KIM_1147 KIM_1179


More than nice threads

I have this wonderful theory and I believe it to true and in fact right. I have this theory in the works for a while now, drawing my inspiration form what I see on the street around me
The theory goes a little like this ” its not what you wear , but how you wear it ”
It all starters from within , you know have to be Rachel Zoe to build a strong outfit, but you need to have a faith in yourself that you can do it. Essential YOU CAN DO IT GURLLL.
Secondly , you need to know what works for you. For example, if you love peach , but it washes you out. Maybe don’t wear head to toe peach , maybe don’t worry it. Or if you think you may die because you can’t wear peach, maybe break it up with a scarf of layer it.
Be confident , but not cocky. Meaning , if you know that you shall we say ‘gifted’ in the chest area , go for it show it off , but don’t go around tell others that they aren’t. Back to confidence, if you feel great in your new overalls , chances are that will show . Threw you beautiful smile ( I know that was pretty cute , your welcome) Its really all come doesn’t to how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror , may that be in the store or at home. If you feel great , chances are you look great and no one can put a price on that t

What does this all mean????You don’t need to be a millionaire to look fresh!

Move over Regina George

Move over everyone fab queen bee , she never had kicks like these. But , thanks so the master mind of footwear or shall I say art aka Sophie Webster we can all be Queen Bee’s with these beautiful shoes. The colourful accents make them a must have statement shoe and now coupled with standout text it almost like a match made in heaven. Miss Webster has really created a shoe, that makes me really question what things I could go with out to buy these. Because theses darlings are something that will never go out of trend or style . as they are in a league of their own! These shoes are fit for a Queen and can easily become a style must have for everyone. When making a statement go beyond colour and you can use your words !
Screenshot (148)

A love letter

A first , I though I wasn’t the right girl for you. I thought I was too short or to small, or wouldn’t have any event just right for you. But, every day I gazed and dreamed of you softly hugging my figure. I search ever place possible to find you, but failed. It was until one shopping night, and a couple of champagnes later when I finial found you , in the flesh. I saw you, and I knew that we would be a match, a prefect match. I built up the courage and final tried you on, and I was right …you where prefect.
You my beautiful friend , the tight mid calf stripped and/ or polka dot dress, you are my true love.
I can take you anywhere and when I wear you , I know anything can happen. You can be causal in the day if ballet flats or bright brogues , but yet ooh soo chic and lady like in the evening. You truly know how to enchase my body and how to attract the right type of people 😉 . Mid calf dress , you will never go out and i can never have to many , you are my new staple and I will love you everyday. ( As long as you don’t stretch my dear, please don’t). I have found another dress to add to my collection , and it really is beautiful and i really do need it. What colour, you say white or navy. Both I say , both. I would like to thank Zara, my trusty make matcher for finding me another lover , you never let me downs Zara and that why I love you.
Hugs and kisses