Suede all Mighty


Suede you magical leather. So lush and so delicate. The softer sister to leather. Worn by cool rockers and retro Queens. Now your on our door step telling us its time. Its suede time !

I keep having the reoccurring dream. In it , I am wearing the most devein hot pants ever seen in the history or not just hot pants but, pants. They are like most hot pants , amazing , but high waisted . But the hot pants of my dreams have ironically a dream like attitude for they are suede. But !!! it gets better not only are this gems a tan suede , but they are covered in fringes. And I wear this marvels of man kind with pride and a cashmere turtle neck , of course. I pretend I am a brown haired Stevie Nicks. And just have an all around wonderful time.

Now, dreams in some cultures are seen as proficies. And , it was to my pure joy , when I discovered and welcomed with wide open arm this glories trend of suede. When one is covered in suede you can be a hard core rocker or a peace love hippy , you can pick both if that your cup of tea.

So when your bring and phasing the suede , its all about picking the pieces that are you .You have to speak to the suede d, listen to it love it and it will in turn love you and let you land a hipster rocker with  Anna bun and full beard  Or me , its the mini and due to my obsession as reflected in my dream , anything with fringes. Why, have you ever danced in a fringed skirt, well let me tell you cause your clearly deprived of a truly wonderful moment , its amazing and you too look amazing more than normal.And ! they are a great time kill.

You could take the easy road to suede down aha boot route , but don’t be boring , pick a blouse, like the one from Zara here. If you want to slowly work into the club try this new topshop denim andudede finishing set, its to die for .You can also for our my experienced and devoted companies  do suede on suede, I myself can’t wait to do this, but need to source the right collection of suede. Never doubt seeded , that’s what I love about it. The softness of the fabrics and the way its drapes the body, I personal would love to see it come over to evening wear, I would buy it, I hope Chloe brings some out. ! Please Chloe please !



Back to the Future

Zara you little darling , you time traveling black hole, my one true love , my husband , my all , my everything. I don’t think you guys actually understand it , but Zara is a time traveling machine. Want to look like Marisa Brady ??? Well who doesn’t come one , why be a Jan when you can be Marisa and don’t say you don’t know who she is. Zara has this amazing quality of making me think I am in fact part of the Bardy bunch expect I am not blonde ( minor issues , I can fix that, Pantene dahhh)

Want to feel like your a 70s groupies, but in fact your too in love with air con and Intsagram …don’t sweat it literally. Zara has a the right mini skirts to  set you on a path of weed infused fun. Why be hipster when you can actually just be a 70s groupie, guys come one its so much better.

Finial , let’s just recap the most beautiful thing ever ! the new shoe , gone are the days of those ugly things that people wear and back to the dainty way off life. Thank you my husband…. thank you , dinners on the table

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The GoGo Girls of Dior

Its Couture week everyone and my favourite Raf has done it again , he will successful break by budget , as I hunt to find a pair of orange high kneed boots. Honestly with his Spring/Summer 2015 Couture collection, what’s not to love the use of bold 60/70s inspired pallet shows the theme of stepping back into the time of Twig and I am ready for it. I do love my organs and my green !

He still keep the crisp clean shapes that are ironically Dior ! Honestly its hard to pick a favourite ! The tight dropped waist silhouette still seems to be a strong mark and I am assuming will be become very popular soon!

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Save the Planet, buy vintage


Save the plant everyone, buy vintage. We live in a world , where one must update regular , well basically by the hour or the second to keep up with the world. But, sometimes we forget where our $2.50 t-shirt was made by who and what natural resources where wasted. So really the most glamour and best way to save the environment is vintage. You glamour’s tree hugger in vintage Pucci.

There is just something so beautiful and rare about a feathers skirt made in 1993 ( before I was born ) , it carries so much wisdom and memories. I feel like I could almost ask my vintage pieces for advise about the world. Not only does my vintage items have wisdom ( beyond my years) , but they are truly unique , aint going to find some basic girl wearing my denim cut offs, that I acutely cut myself , are we now. That’s my number one reason why I love vintage! No one has my stuff, and if I do meet a lady with the same Dolce and Gabbana silk blouse , we would celebrate not judge each others.Another wonderful bonus to and ex home economics student and devote fabric lover, is the quality of the fabric and the stitching. This jacket isn’t going to die , cause its made it 20 plus years , it isn’t giving up any time soon.

Personally , when hunting this little gems I go to eBay, cause in 99% of case its cheaper. EBay ,is a wonderful land that I love and could easily live in. EBay is just a nature saver, saving the planet at one bargain at time. Close second would be esty , followed by local selling pages on Facebook and sales within your area.

So before , you buy that new blazer from H&M that already has stitching issues , hit ebay and get a vintage YSL. It looks better and it vintage YSL , the man himself made this beautiful thing buy it before I do.

Never over , overalls

After crying over that fact that I am not at Coachella, I imaged what I might wear. Them it clicked the overall. But , its so unlike me.At first when the overall or dungaree came onto the scene , some style turned me off. I wonder, this style is never going to suit me. Its soo baggy , it doesn’t give me a defined waste. I don’t like the ugly washes, and the rips. But, then like the angle she is, I discovered Stella Mcarteny overalls. And they do everything right. Paying tribute to the 70’s with a flare bottoms , nice slim waist line. And may I say , it really defines one’s backside in a good way. This overalls are the one for me, the high waist line , creates the affect that I have long legs( which I don’t …sadly) They are fitted and well structured ( as expected from Stella). These overalls, can be day or night.Be flirty by ditching the shirt and wearing the a nice lacy bra ( preferable black) under, who knew an overall could be a little sexy! Or like styled in the picture below , with a crisp white button up! Go 70’s all the way and run with it , I say !!
Screenshot (123)I honestly love everything about them. They are the overall for me! Maybe just the price is one set back. But ooh well.