Am I, a bad person? An ode to change.

I drift in just a stereotypically trouble girl aspect. I don’t see the appeal of a best friend nor do I wish to have one. My own company at times is too much for be. I am independent among the height of most things, independent and self-driven. I am independent, nomadic but yet attached to a small few.

I don’t want to be your bff, I honestly do not care enough to run through the annoyance of small talk. The small talk itself is you trying to make me become someone I am simply not. And that is this close intertwined sister like figure, so close it hurts. That’s not me, it never will be.

I dislike your need to bring me further in, it’s only my annoyance my guilty annoyance fester inside me. Why, am I so guilty. I know it’s me been moody making me not soo much into your chats make like my fluctuating desire for coffee, my need and will power to withstand this chit chat slowly fades deeper. I feel myself find the idea of socializing with someone whom once was a close friend, ( here’s that word again ) guilty.

But, I have changed. I have not grown up, to say the least. But, I have changed. I have become selfish, but I had to. I have expanded out of this dull little shell, I don’t want to hold your hand. I honestly have better things to do. For me, you may need to change, but then I will change again. Like I always do. I transform into another shade of myself for a year or two, then transform again. And that is just me, you can’t keep up with these waves. The idea is to not.

It’s the guilt of me knowing what I am doing that’s the selfish part, I need to be alone. I need to be with open minded independent people. I don’t want to live the same lives as it was before. The dynamics are shifted much like life does, and now we are in different tides crossing the ocean and that’s ok. They may cross again, they may not.

I hate to use the line, it’s not you, it’s me. But, that’s the truth. I am in a different place are your habitual in nature and that’s the way it is.

Like ships on the open sea, we may cross paths one day.



and an ode to possible ending a friendship



Passion Fruit without passion

The quarter life crisis has been proven to be an actual thing.This sense of losing , lonesome feelings as the tides of adulthood pull you into the glowing depth of boredom. This melodic nature of the easy, the comfortable way of life…result in utter boredom is the death of the creative root of passion.

Where has my passion gone? Who took it? Did I take it ? Did I leave it somewhere? Do I even want it bacK? Or the real question am I just lazy?

Not so long ago I did, in fact, have what I thought to be, passion. But, much like the every glazing approach of life has stripped it away from me. Like the leafs fall in the autumn air that lacks in South East Queensland ( Autumn is not a thing).

I used to have this focused energy and exact idea of what I wanted to be….but, now it was gone. I wanted to somehow collude the worlds of my love affair of fine leather goods ( and goods in general), with the world of advertising. In my deluded mind, I would spend my days dressed in Prozner and Chole while coming up with million dollar idea. Strange I know….oh the hope.

Little did I fail to grasp my dramatically terrible English skills that I have been reminded of since my early schooling. The borderline dyslexic copywriter is never really going to take off or sell well. 

This mindset it way I sit here, confused oh so very confused and terrified that I will work in a bland cubical and spend my days looking spreadsheets.

A passionfruit without passion is just a fruit and even then that’s not that amazing. 

Kind regards, the passionless passion fruit that now tastes bland and dull  

The basic

Chelsea boot,

The plain, the simple, the easy.

I have currently been travelling around Europe and swore by my beloved Asos Chelsea boots with oxford detailing. But, sadly…..they did not withstand the constant walking around, resulting in retirement.

This post is an ode to these beautiful boots that have inspired me to possible purchases more expensive ones in the future ( several shopping carts on several online stores have been filled).  I am possibly in the near future investing in a basic staple of the R&M Williams boot, but don’t want to look like a farmer or we could go big with a really quality purchases. WHO KNOWS, more online shopping to progress.

However, I am still overcoming wearing Chelsea boots with shorts, as they make anyone on the smaller side legs look slightly larger. That been said when paired with denim the Chelsea will elongate your legs.

I will never forget the first time I wore head to toe black with them, i.e. black skinny jeans ( the Chelsea boots best friend ) and black tee. Someone told me I looked like I was in a band, lame I know….but it made me  feel great.

You will be missed and I will always love you.



Maybe I’m Kanye

There are many times within a normal day what would “Kanye do?” Or “what would Kanye wear” . Of course she would wear cashmere.

Than one day it dawned on me I am in fact kind of Kanye. Firstly, I love myself ! Typical Kanye trait. I aspired to justices in the world, so too does Kanye , but most of all I too am a realist.

I am a realistic individual. I am not 100% sure when the tables turned from been a classic optimistic person , whom one would describe as “bubbly”. To a realised , I person I am today. Although, I wear my realism flag with pride like Kanye does. Like Kanye, I understand certain things in life. That things ain’t easy , thanks yeezie. ( see what I did there ). I get that you have to work hard and 99% your going to be knocked down or grown. But  realist just have a more truthful perception on the world. My mainly is due to dating. Optimistic people you see create ideals for people, that everyone will be happy and find ‘the one’, they will tell their friends that the guys going to message him , and well all know he won’t. For me personal oprimitistc people are the biggest liars. That’s why the honest ‘realist’ is the way to be . I get that he isn’t going to call and I know there isn’t a one . I know there isn’t a lot of things and its sad when it dawns on your , but your get over it.

Life as a realist is very fun.I have a deep spiritually  bond with Kanye and understand the likes  Seinfeld.I continue  to be sarcastic to an extent when I myself am unsure when I am joking or not. But my realised ways have taught me to be myself and world this is who I am so you better deal with it.

Kanye West

Realist  are such a happy bunch of people

The Vow


I know I have vanished into the unknown world of the ‘inter web’ and I am deeply sorry. I have committed a sin almost as bad as mixing my metals….. but than again that can sometimes work. Anyway, its almost a new month and I have trailed some aspect of the globe maybe like 0.0000000009% of it. Its fair to say I have seen some stuff and half and I feel like I must share that with you all. So I promise to write more and to never by a poloy blend sweater that is more than $80. Cause , let’s me honest that’s just rude


Untitled #58

Untitled #58

By Malene Birger cream dress
$210 – theoutnet.com

Retro purse
$160 – claireandbruce.com

Revlon blue eye makeup
$20 – placedestendances.com

Monogram is the new Black

My current conversation ( to myself ) when online shopping.

Can I monogram that? If they don’t monogram , I don’t want it ! OOH wait they MONOGRAM , my installs are on everything ?

Queue buying everything and places C.O.D on all leather goods.

I hate to confess , well I lie , I just need to tell everyone.I love monogram ( not as must as cashmere of course ) , but its so great.! What’s not to love! Its harder for someone to steal your fine leather goods.Its personalized, great gift option. Let’s not forget the fact that I and make up a 3 letter combination and they will put it on my leather goods ! I SILVER OR GOLD ! Whatever your want , many combination, It could be G.O.D , I sense Kanye has taken that one. My other personal favourites are Y.A.S , S.U.P, W.H.O , Y.O.U  and of course N.O.O. Think about it , you could answer basic question with all your leather goods. If someone is annoying you, just hold up your clutch that say N.O.O and they will leave you alone

.Its like personalized number plates on better , cause you don’t need to buy a car. My personal favourite and new number 1 gift that my nearest and dearests will be receiving is the Madewell luggage tag , with my initials of course.

What I love , is that everyone has finial worked out what I need right now and areinfo fact allowing me to monogram, not only does Madewell trusts me , but Saturday by Kate Spade trusts me. THEY TRUST ME. And they know I am coming , they have dedicated sections to Monograming !

So don’t screw this up for me people , I am still waiting to find the perfect pyjamas to be monogrammed , along with everything I own.

Thank you Saturday  by Kate Spade , for getting me  and thank McDowell for giving the power of 3 letter

Screenshot (229)       Screenshot (230)

Check it out and Monogram your own goodies



More than nice threads

I have this wonderful theory and I believe it to true and in fact right. I have this theory in the works for a while now, drawing my inspiration form what I see on the street around me
The theory goes a little like this ” its not what you wear , but how you wear it ”
It all starters from within , you know have to be Rachel Zoe to build a strong outfit, but you need to have a faith in yourself that you can do it. Essential YOU CAN DO IT GURLLL.
Secondly , you need to know what works for you. For example, if you love peach , but it washes you out. Maybe don’t wear head to toe peach , maybe don’t worry it. Or if you think you may die because you can’t wear peach, maybe break it up with a scarf of layer it.
Be confident , but not cocky. Meaning , if you know that you shall we say ‘gifted’ in the chest area , go for it show it off , but don’t go around tell others that they aren’t. Back to confidence, if you feel great in your new overalls , chances are that will show . Threw you beautiful smile ( I know that was pretty cute , your welcome) Its really all come doesn’t to how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror , may that be in the store or at home. If you feel great , chances are you look great and no one can put a price on that t

What does this all mean????You don’t need to be a millionaire to look fresh!