For when you are not wearing Cashmere

For those of you who don’t know, I live in a lovely little place in the world that right now is like living in an over worked oven owned by Martha Stuart. So for myself right now , I only have  a cashmere blanket to keep me cosy while my air con stay at a cool crisp 18 degrees. Needles to say maybe that’s why I haven’t posted in a while. I am so sorry, so deeply sorry that if I had the money everyone would get matching cashmere scarf and glove pack ( in their own colour of choice )

Back to the post shall we, so needles to say while y’all be freezing where ever you are in the world, I have been in search for the prefect summer looks and can I said it very very hard. As, one would assume this weather is not layering weather , it when the one item you are wearing must stand strong ( and not show your sweat marks , its realllly hooooooot) And for sun safe lovely also give you protection. Now , as we all know Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out and I truly love Dakota , maybe its cause we actually look the same and it great. But, I also love the way she dress. One of my favourite looks is what she wore to the Verve Clicquot Polo classi  a while back, I know it old news but the dress is timeless.


She paired a lovely Diane von Furstenberg dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. I must say I really love the hat!  This type of dress can be layer and loved for ever just add a button down to the look to dress it down or keep it as is.

Hatispiration  below a Christy Reggie Panama Hat, found at Asos

And how could we forget to protect  our eyes, the window to the soul. Johnson has the answer her sunglasses !this retort inspired sunglasses really fit most faces I can tell you that cause I have them and they are amazing.


Sunglasses like Johnson; found at J crew

Screenshot (308)

Hopeful this helps to inspire you when Mr Grey comes to town


Top it off

Screenshot (256)Screenshot (256)

Some of you may be freezing of your little ears whilst you read this, while other baking in nose pilling heat and sunburn. Needless to say, we all need a nice hat. I nice simple all rounder , an investment hat and no it isn’t made out of cashmere. I toss between a cap or a classic felt , until I discovered my new darling. Now I pray Zara makes look a likes. It must be Christmas cause all my dreams have come true , it comes in black , than you Zara. You got my back, you are such a mind reader !

Screenshot (257)

The colour is just something special, so bright , that it will seamlessly fit almost any outfit. It pure perfection and I am in love with this hat, I need 7 of them for each day of the week. I saw this jam crying out my name on net-a-porter , and it has filled my dream even since. Pair , this beautiful creation with denim skins and any classic coat you have from black to brown. I should just like to say , Thank you Madison Michel, for answer my prays and creating an orange hat. Jus next time , can you put C.O.D on it !