Jenna Lyons is my spirit animal

hbz-jenna-lyons-promo hbz-jenna-lyons-promo

We all know my love for J Crew, but however the one thing greater then that love , is my praise to my leader Jenna Lyons. The one , the only, the all mighty and amazing Jenna Lyons. I have had a ostrich  feathers black mini in my wardrobe for some time now. Fun fact , I scored it on eBay for $60 ! Bless eBay’s beautiful soul. But, there is something next level with the creation that Ms Lyons has created. With the relaxed feel of a tee shirt , pure geniuses ( and we expect nothing better from the women herself). Can I be the first to say , I have never been the girl to dream of a her wedding day , although I do enjoy “Say yes to the dress “, I truly believe I would personal great Jena Lyons with rage and demand that she swaps my wedding dress with her simplistic look. What I would give for a skirt, just to hang it from my door and gaze at it , the softness of feathers , especially ostrich can never be beaten. And that what’s Ms Lyons has shown in her outfit , she doesn’t pair the skirt with anything harsh, no just a simple white shirt and a fur for wartime ( I bet its vintage , just saying).


This inspiration , has lead me to gather one of my greatest eBay finds and reinvent it in totally unique looks and ways. Although , my feather shirt may not be white and may not be long, I know we can build many wonderful times together. Keep waiting for these adventures tales to see what wild concoctions spin from my mind.