Top it off

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Some of you may be freezing of your little ears whilst you read this, while other baking in nose pilling heat and sunburn. Needless to say, we all need a nice hat. I nice simple all rounder , an investment hat and no it isn’t made out of cashmere. I toss between a cap or a classic felt , until I discovered my new darling. Now I pray Zara makes look a likes. It must be Christmas cause all my dreams have come true , it comes in black , than you Zara. You got my back, you are such a mind reader !

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The colour is just something special, so bright , that it will seamlessly fit almost any outfit. It pure perfection and I am in love with this hat, I need 7 of them for each day of the week. I saw this jam crying out my name on net-a-porter , and it has filled my dream even since. Pair , this beautiful creation with denim skins and any classic coat you have from black to brown. I should just like to say , Thank you Madison Michel, for answer my prays and creating an orange hat. Jus next time , can you put C.O.D on it !