Welcome to the world of Cashmere, its more then a wool its a philosophy! Here at “If it isn’t Cashmere”, we don’t just enjoy fashion and style, but breath it and wont to bring it to you in the best possible way. Cause we all can’t afford the recent Louis Vuitton adorable little mini trunk clutch’s. But, we can dream , pray ( and cry) together that one of these beautifully little master minds from our new appointed leader Nicolas Ghesquière. I hope you enjoy this little site , remember I am here for a laugh, so the style and for the fun and I promise to never use New Times Roman , even if Moschino makes it as cool as McDonald’s uniform.

I am a uni student, so that means I am poor…. but I am cultured ! Currently studying communications and business, hope to major in advertising and media communications. I also am currently looking for freelance styling work, so any question send me a message of and email “ifitisntcashemer@outlook.com” ;


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