Save the Planet, buy vintage


Save the plant everyone, buy vintage. We live in a world , where one must update regular , well basically by the hour or the second to keep up with the world. But, sometimes we forget where our $2.50 t-shirt was made by who and what natural resources where wasted. So really the most glamour and best way to save the environment is vintage. You glamour’s tree hugger in vintage Pucci.

There is just something so beautiful and rare about a feathers skirt made in 1993 ( before I was born ) , it carries so much wisdom and memories. I feel like I could almost ask my vintage pieces for advise about the world. Not only does my vintage items have wisdom ( beyond my years) , but they are truly unique , aint going to find some basic girl wearing my denim cut offs, that I acutely cut myself , are we now. That’s my number one reason why I love vintage! No one has my stuff, and if I do meet a lady with the same Dolce and Gabbana silk blouse , we would celebrate not judge each others.Another wonderful bonus to and ex home economics student and devote fabric lover, is the quality of the fabric and the stitching. This jacket isn’t going to die , cause its made it 20 plus years , it isn’t giving up any time soon.

Personally , when hunting this little gems I go to eBay, cause in 99% of case its cheaper. EBay ,is a wonderful land that I love and could easily live in. EBay is just a nature saver, saving the planet at one bargain at time. Close second would be esty , followed by local selling pages on Facebook and sales within your area.

So before , you buy that new blazer from H&M that already has stitching issues , hit ebay and get a vintage YSL. It looks better and it vintage YSL , the man himself made this beautiful thing buy it before I do.


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