Lady Pockets

Don’t get me wrong , I love been a women. I get to wear heels , skirts  dresses, lipstick and get away with far to many thing. But, one thing that really raining on my parade , is the struggle of lady pockets. The struggle is caused by the ever growing size in phones, and the very small or shall I say petite size of our pocket  or the total lack of pockets in some skirt, trouser or dresses and don’t even get me started on jeans. stumbled across this issue when shopping for a new phone. Currently when shopping for such a product ( before I buy one of eBay ) I am actual testing to see if the phone is fit in my pocket .Although , I receive odd looks , this is what the world has come to.

We are in a world of big better phones, that personal won’t fight in my back pocket. The phones now are actually bigger. I get the memo ok , I need to buy more hand bags. But ! seriously can’t the just have better pocket sizes. But sometime I just like to carry my phone on me , if my phones in my pocket I don’t loose it in my bag and mess your 10000000 calls and message. And how to practice the cool simplistic aurora that I wish to posses if I have to lug a hand bag with me every where. I am now on an accessories budget to afford the goddam phone. I am seriously considering an old school Nokia.

Let do a demon , put your phone in your back pocket and see how easy it to never loose it , oh wait it doesn’t fit do say ! THE STRUGGLE IS REALLL! # fightladypocket.

Screenshot (239)

Anit no IPhone 6 going to fit in that back pocket



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