Month: November 2014

Internationl Treat Yo Self Day


Thanks giving is over guys, who cares what Uncle Mike was thankful for , he should be thankful for weight watches.

Personal I would just like to say what I am thankful for, and that is Black Friday .WOOH WOOOOH , hear that …..that’s the sound of bargains and the sound of cashmere on special !!!!!! the best kind of sale!  Black Friday , is no know as international treat yo self day, as 95% of us buying things will be for ourselves. Cause let’s be honesty , the next month ain’t going to be all that merry.

Firstly, I would like to start with Zara and there 30% of store wide ! Thank you Zara. For I need everything at your store more than I ever wanted before! Such as ever time in your shoe section. I have found footwear very easy to justify , as you actually need them, cause no one wants to see your ugly ass feet. And beside , guys as the Christmas carol states ” Baby , its cold outside” , you need a new coat and boots….. just saying

Omg is that Burberry …..well it could be from a distance in a shown Strom , thanks Zara.

Screenshot (246)

Secondly , Unqiol , I am thankful for your cotton cashmere sweaters ! they are just beautiful and I now have one in almost every colour. Queue the fun hand clapping emjio , cause at this price you can buy 10. One to wear to all the different Christmas themed dinner your Aunt Jean has.

Screenshot (245)

A big thank you to my pals, Macy , Pipeline, Nordstrom and basically ever single place that graces my inbox with a lovely little message tell me to ” treat yo self”


Jenna Lyons is my spirit animal

hbz-jenna-lyons-promo hbz-jenna-lyons-promo

We all know my love for J Crew, but however the one thing greater then that love , is my praise to my leader Jenna Lyons. The one , the only, the all mighty and amazing Jenna Lyons. I have had a ostrich  feathers black mini in my wardrobe for some time now. Fun fact , I scored it on eBay for $60 ! Bless eBay’s beautiful soul. But, there is something next level with the creation that Ms Lyons has created. With the relaxed feel of a tee shirt , pure geniuses ( and we expect nothing better from the women herself). Can I be the first to say , I have never been the girl to dream of a her wedding day , although I do enjoy “Say yes to the dress “, I truly believe I would personal great Jena Lyons with rage and demand that she swaps my wedding dress with her simplistic look. What I would give for a skirt, just to hang it from my door and gaze at it , the softness of feathers , especially ostrich can never be beaten. And that what’s Ms Lyons has shown in her outfit , she doesn’t pair the skirt with anything harsh, no just a simple white shirt and a fur for wartime ( I bet its vintage , just saying).


This inspiration , has lead me to gather one of my greatest eBay finds and reinvent it in totally unique looks and ways. Although , my feather shirt may not be white and may not be long, I know we can build many wonderful times together. Keep waiting for these adventures tales to see what wild concoctions spin from my mind.

Untitled #58

Untitled #58

By Malene Birger cream dress
$210 –

Retro purse
$160 –

Revlon blue eye makeup
$20 –

Black Friday count down

Oh sale season I love you deeply , you are my everything. I dream about this week, I cross the days off my Calendar , maybe next year I will make my own chocolate count down calendar like the ones for Christmas. But , that one day a year ( well its grown from that into like 3 days) is near. I can smell the samples , I can hear people every where training for this day , memorizes there sizes in year brand , cut and style. Coupons fill the every person draw , ready for this day. Black Friday !

As, my normal pre black Friday goes, I scroll my favourite places , composing a list of all the things I will die without, marginally need and will become an impulse buy ( we must avoid these items). On top of my list of things that will improve my life by 5 % is these bad boys. Superga sneakers, not just any old sneaker , these amazing to die for ( I will go hunger games to get theses ) are cow hid / pony fur sneakers.I just need them , with cigarette jeans and a cashmere sweater and I am set for the happy season, cause with these on my feet I can take the world. Now I tell I need these as my friends, so don’t go buying them all on me now that’s just plan , rude. Now everyone go practice there reflects for the big day !

Screenshot (242)

Save the Planet, buy vintage


Save the plant everyone, buy vintage. We live in a world , where one must update regular , well basically by the hour or the second to keep up with the world. But, sometimes we forget where our $2.50 t-shirt was made by who and what natural resources where wasted. So really the most glamour and best way to save the environment is vintage. You glamour’s tree hugger in vintage Pucci.

There is just something so beautiful and rare about a feathers skirt made in 1993 ( before I was born ) , it carries so much wisdom and memories. I feel like I could almost ask my vintage pieces for advise about the world. Not only does my vintage items have wisdom ( beyond my years) , but they are truly unique , aint going to find some basic girl wearing my denim cut offs, that I acutely cut myself , are we now. That’s my number one reason why I love vintage! No one has my stuff, and if I do meet a lady with the same Dolce and Gabbana silk blouse , we would celebrate not judge each others.Another wonderful bonus to and ex home economics student and devote fabric lover, is the quality of the fabric and the stitching. This jacket isn’t going to die , cause its made it 20 plus years , it isn’t giving up any time soon.

Personally , when hunting this little gems I go to eBay, cause in 99% of case its cheaper. EBay ,is a wonderful land that I love and could easily live in. EBay is just a nature saver, saving the planet at one bargain at time. Close second would be esty , followed by local selling pages on Facebook and sales within your area.

So before , you buy that new blazer from H&M that already has stitching issues , hit ebay and get a vintage YSL. It looks better and it vintage YSL , the man himself made this beautiful thing buy it before I do.

Lady Pockets

Don’t get me wrong , I love been a women. I get to wear heels , skirts  dresses, lipstick and get away with far to many thing. But, one thing that really raining on my parade , is the struggle of lady pockets. The struggle is caused by the ever growing size in phones, and the very small or shall I say petite size of our pocket  or the total lack of pockets in some skirt, trouser or dresses and don’t even get me started on jeans. stumbled across this issue when shopping for a new phone. Currently when shopping for such a product ( before I buy one of eBay ) I am actual testing to see if the phone is fit in my pocket .Although , I receive odd looks , this is what the world has come to.

We are in a world of big better phones, that personal won’t fight in my back pocket. The phones now are actually bigger. I get the memo ok , I need to buy more hand bags. But ! seriously can’t the just have better pocket sizes. But sometime I just like to carry my phone on me , if my phones in my pocket I don’t loose it in my bag and mess your 10000000 calls and message. And how to practice the cool simplistic aurora that I wish to posses if I have to lug a hand bag with me every where. I am now on an accessories budget to afford the goddam phone. I am seriously considering an old school Nokia.

Let do a demon , put your phone in your back pocket and see how easy it to never loose it , oh wait it doesn’t fit do say ! THE STRUGGLE IS REALLL! # fightladypocket.

Screenshot (239)

Anit no IPhone 6 going to fit in that back pocket


Little life adivce

I once dated this guy, well it seemed we were. He was sweet and nice and it were cute together , but something wasn’t quite right at the end. Maybe , it was another girl or maybe he got bored but after one date , nothing , I literary never heard from him again after dating for two months. Its like he didn’t have the guts to actually tell me it wasn’t working. The moral of this tale is kids , don’t date someone is your not ready to break up with someone. The same goes for jobs and the way your dress, if you aren’t ready to here the negative maybe you need to work on yourself. After all this is how we learn.

On Point in Flats

Although, I am slight below average height I still gravitate towards a silk flat when in doubt for a night out. There is just something about the sleek sophistication of a flat. When everyone is wearing less appealing ‘heels’, or shall I say less exciting. Wearing flats while everyone wears heels , just gives you the upper hand. You look polished , sleek , sophisticated and when you have had one to many ( although that never happens) you can still walk.A good flat can really complete any look , my favourite ‘disco flats’ is the trust and my lover the brogue. The humble brogue is just wonderful, leather detailing or not, it really lifts ever outfit to a sophisticated land where you a deemed a little more  cosmopolitan then fellow party goers. One of my favourites is a nice little pair buy Zimmerman, they tossed it up a little , but still kept a classic shape.

Screenshot (233) Screenshot (231)

My second winner is the Mary Jane style pointed toe flat. This is essential when mastering the flats attack in a see of heels, always , always , always have pointed toe and never show the toe. The Mary Jane strap in these little Tabitha Simmons are darling. So next time party invitations come knocking on your door, or more appropriately filling ones news feed, take and  stand against blister and horrible tacky  heels or dare I say colour blocked wedges, go flat and you will stand out.

Screenshot (232)

Monogram is the new Black

My current conversation ( to myself ) when online shopping.

Can I monogram that? If they don’t monogram , I don’t want it ! OOH wait they MONOGRAM , my installs are on everything ?

Queue buying everything and places C.O.D on all leather goods.

I hate to confess , well I lie , I just need to tell everyone.I love monogram ( not as must as cashmere of course ) , but its so great.! What’s not to love! Its harder for someone to steal your fine leather goods.Its personalized, great gift option. Let’s not forget the fact that I and make up a 3 letter combination and they will put it on my leather goods ! I SILVER OR GOLD ! Whatever your want , many combination, It could be G.O.D , I sense Kanye has taken that one. My other personal favourites are Y.A.S , S.U.P, W.H.O , Y.O.U  and of course N.O.O. Think about it , you could answer basic question with all your leather goods. If someone is annoying you, just hold up your clutch that say N.O.O and they will leave you alone

.Its like personalized number plates on better , cause you don’t need to buy a car. My personal favourite and new number 1 gift that my nearest and dearests will be receiving is the Madewell luggage tag , with my initials of course.

What I love , is that everyone has finial worked out what I need right now and areinfo fact allowing me to monogram, not only does Madewell trusts me , but Saturday by Kate Spade trusts me. THEY TRUST ME. And they know I am coming , they have dedicated sections to Monograming !

So don’t screw this up for me people , I am still waiting to find the perfect pyjamas to be monogrammed , along with everything I own.

Thank you Saturday  by Kate Spade , for getting me  and thank McDowell for giving the power of 3 letter

Screenshot (229)       Screenshot (230)

Check it out and Monogram your own goodies,en_US,sc.html?cm_sp=1111014homepage-_-Monogram-_-hero4