More than nice threads

I have this wonderful theory and I believe it to true and in fact right. I have this theory in the works for a while now, drawing my inspiration form what I see on the street around me
The theory goes a little like this ” its not what you wear , but how you wear it ”
It all starters from within , you know have to be Rachel Zoe to build a strong outfit, but you need to have a faith in yourself that you can do it. Essential YOU CAN DO IT GURLLL.
Secondly , you need to know what works for you. For example, if you love peach , but it washes you out. Maybe don’t wear head to toe peach , maybe don’t worry it. Or if you think you may die because you can’t wear peach, maybe break it up with a scarf of layer it.
Be confident , but not cocky. Meaning , if you know that you shall we say ‘gifted’ in the chest area , go for it show it off , but don’t go around tell others that they aren’t. Back to confidence, if you feel great in your new overalls , chances are that will show . Threw you beautiful smile ( I know that was pretty cute , your welcome) Its really all come doesn’t to how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror , may that be in the store or at home. If you feel great , chances are you look great and no one can put a price on that t

What does this all mean????You don’t need to be a millionaire to look fresh!


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