Not feeling the strappy

The simple strap sandal you know the one. You probably have it , I have it. I recently came to this conclusion , as I went shoe shopping , search for something beautiful in a see of neutral toned strap thin or block heels…..I can home empty handed.
I am just not sold on this ‘staple’. Maybe, is cause I have never found the ‘one’ for me. But, I feel like it something deeper than , simple that. I just don’t think the simple one strap is for me.
Firstly, with out sounding like my mother, they are the most comfortable thing in the world. Thin hell or block, the thin strap doesn’t do anything. I find my foots always fall forward or looks fat on the shoes all bare and naked. You see I like my toes covered or not completely showing , cause toes are that pretty…. sorry guys they not pretty. So squashed up toes no matter how pretty the pedi isn’t going to look like the Alexandra Wang pair the models wearing. 95% of the time of sacrifice comfort for style, but I just feel ( for me) they are a little plan Jane. ( sorry to all the people named Jane, I bet you not plain at all ) Yes, the come in black or white or grey, but its variety to stumble across a nice coral pink of emerald green, or made a print. My third argument and the most important , is ……. everyone has it! I have this theory that once Target and really common cheap stores copy something, sorry darling but its gone. Cause the respect of the shoe is gone, you may be wearing the Stuart Weitzman iconic Nudist heeled sandals if they aren’t the cute pink ones ( which are they only ones I would buy ), people would probably think they where the $30 pair from Forever 21, nothing wrong with Forever 21. It really is fun, but when things get so popular and such a following this tarnished their magic touch.

Maybe , its cause I am a statement shoe girl , but I don’t think I can be converted to the land of the one strap sandal, only if they are the gold or pink Stuart Wieitzam ones.

Screenshot (161)


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