Ripped of or is it just Wicth Craft ?


Feeling in time is a delight when you are near shops. I was waiting for a friend when I stumbled into a Witchery store and that was when I really witnessed some wizard tricks
witchery. Firstly, you might already know by now I am a sweater snob and devoted member of team cashmere and side line player for team wool, or basically and product with over 80% of this materials. Secondly , as I walked into the store I was captivated by what seemed to be the plushis sweater I had seen since black Friday sales. From a distance I questioned to myself, could this be my true love? Is this cashmere. As I am drawn into the sweater , I touch it… it seems nice and soft , not pure cashmere , but still good. So, like everyone I reach for the price tag. At this moment I would like to pause and note that I don’t mind paying a little more for cashmere for good quality things. Anyway, back to the story. I glance at the price tag..its $99.95.An alright price for a sweater , than been the classic fabric snob I am a looked at the tag to see what the sweater was made of. Only to find that it was 45% Viscose 35% Nylon 15% Cotton 5% Angora. Yes, it did have Angora , but 5% come on people , that’s nothing! For $99.95 I want more , and I want it now!Shocked and rage filled my body , than I recalled a jumper I found a target basically the same( expect is didn’t have 5% Angora) for around mid $20s.It was that moment when I said out loud to myself “Its not even cashmere “. This resulted in the shop keeper to give me a judgemental look , as I stormed out of the store.

I have done some little research and found that mostly Witchery and Country Road love to rip us of when it comes to cashmere. They charge large amounts for products made in the same place and with the same material as your target sweater. And probably they will live the same life. So , is it the brand we buy or the product or do people just not know what good cashmere is ??ME personal, I don’t think Witchery and Country Road are as big a brand as they think they are. And I will no longer fall for there pitty attempts to attract me with their Viscose and Nylon sweaters!

Your thoughts?

I have included a link to the jumper , is it worth it?


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