Button down your button up

This one is for all my fellow flat chest ladies. The glory of th3e flat chest is really never shown, its truly wonderful been a A-B , cause it will be very very difficult for you to look like a lady of the night or very boobie. ( Cause you don’t have anything);. Now , I no longer live in the shame of “fake it till you make it ” with my B’s but embrace them and so should you. The other day, I discover another way to use the classic button( second favourite clothing item , after an orange cashmere sweater) in a whole new light. Now what you need to do, if tie it up above your belly button ( this looks best with high wasted pants or skirts ) and forget about the button, just let the top sit over your chest. You should have created a nice deep almost v or rectangle. Now tap the sides, in case of slipping or wear a nice fancy bra under , maybe black lace. To go a little more heavy , add heaps of necklaces and layer the chest up if you feel exposed or just want some fun. This look works best with night looks and I have found works with both silk/ silk like fabrics and normal cotton.
Don’t fake it till you make it, embrace it and race with it!

Bellow is a little outfit inspiration, as I tried to take a picture of mine and it didn’t work.


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