Put your money where your mouth is

On the 30th of May , in the middle of my intense week of 3 birthday parities all with food and underage drinking, may I say a lovely selection of drinks. I made the decision to take part and commit to the 30 day abs challenge. So when the 1st of June came around I downloaded the app and started. However , today 4 days in commitment is fading as I put of the mini workout later each day. When the clock struck 4;20 and I had yet to complete my set I thought of maybe pure procrastination or putting off the fire in my abs and feeling of vomiting in my brand new beautiful purple work out gear. ( its all purple and lovely ) hit me. Do I a) do my set or b) check my bank account in hope of witness the beautiful sight of money the possibility of new shoes. Since when did our banks account health become before ours?
What I am trying to get at is that in our modern life, money seems to be on our mind and ruling it. It never stops, in my mind I would rather spend money then get fit and stay health. We mistaken into thinking that we can pay our bodies to be a way we want. This can be in the small scale of buying a gym membership , where you only go every 2 weeks and walk slightly on a treadmill for 10 minutes ( if that). Or the other side of the scale in plastic surgery. It makes us question , what we value more. We send copious amounts of cash on our vegan fuelled , gluten free and organic diets. But, could we all just save our money and go for a run ?? Form the next week or till however long I last , I am taking up a new challenge. To not think about the money I have , but I myself and what my body needs. More runs to clear my head and get in touch of what I really need and these worry about my bank account might be a health thing.


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