Month: June 2014

More than nice threads

I have this wonderful theory and I believe it to true and in fact right. I have this theory in the works for a while now, drawing my inspiration form what I see on the street around me
The theory goes a little like this ” its not what you wear , but how you wear it ”
It all starters from within , you know have to be Rachel Zoe to build a strong outfit, but you need to have a faith in yourself that you can do it. Essential YOU CAN DO IT GURLLL.
Secondly , you need to know what works for you. For example, if you love peach , but it washes you out. Maybe don’t wear head to toe peach , maybe don’t worry it. Or if you think you may die because you can’t wear peach, maybe break it up with a scarf of layer it.
Be confident , but not cocky. Meaning , if you know that you shall we say ‘gifted’ in the chest area , go for it show it off , but don’t go around tell others that they aren’t. Back to confidence, if you feel great in your new overalls , chances are that will show . Threw you beautiful smile ( I know that was pretty cute , your welcome) Its really all come doesn’t to how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror , may that be in the store or at home. If you feel great , chances are you look great and no one can put a price on that t

What does this all mean????You don’t need to be a millionaire to look fresh!


Not feeling the strappy

The simple strap sandal you know the one. You probably have it , I have it. I recently came to this conclusion , as I went shoe shopping , search for something beautiful in a see of neutral toned strap thin or block heels…..I can home empty handed.
I am just not sold on this ‘staple’. Maybe, is cause I have never found the ‘one’ for me. But, I feel like it something deeper than , simple that. I just don’t think the simple one strap is for me.
Firstly, with out sounding like my mother, they are the most comfortable thing in the world. Thin hell or block, the thin strap doesn’t do anything. I find my foots always fall forward or looks fat on the shoes all bare and naked. You see I like my toes covered or not completely showing , cause toes are that pretty…. sorry guys they not pretty. So squashed up toes no matter how pretty the pedi isn’t going to look like the Alexandra Wang pair the models wearing. 95% of the time of sacrifice comfort for style, but I just feel ( for me) they are a little plan Jane. ( sorry to all the people named Jane, I bet you not plain at all ) Yes, the come in black or white or grey, but its variety to stumble across a nice coral pink of emerald green, or made a print. My third argument and the most important , is ……. everyone has it! I have this theory that once Target and really common cheap stores copy something, sorry darling but its gone. Cause the respect of the shoe is gone, you may be wearing the Stuart Weitzman iconic Nudist heeled sandals if they aren’t the cute pink ones ( which are they only ones I would buy ), people would probably think they where the $30 pair from Forever 21, nothing wrong with Forever 21. It really is fun, but when things get so popular and such a following this tarnished their magic touch.

Maybe , its cause I am a statement shoe girl , but I don’t think I can be converted to the land of the one strap sandal, only if they are the gold or pink Stuart Wieitzam ones.

Screenshot (161)

Ripped of or is it just Wicth Craft ?


Feeling in time is a delight when you are near shops. I was waiting for a friend when I stumbled into a Witchery store and that was when I really witnessed some wizard tricks
witchery. Firstly, you might already know by now I am a sweater snob and devoted member of team cashmere and side line player for team wool, or basically and product with over 80% of this materials. Secondly , as I walked into the store I was captivated by what seemed to be the plushis sweater I had seen since black Friday sales. From a distance I questioned to myself, could this be my true love? Is this cashmere. As I am drawn into the sweater , I touch it… it seems nice and soft , not pure cashmere , but still good. So, like everyone I reach for the price tag. At this moment I would like to pause and note that I don’t mind paying a little more for cashmere for good quality things. Anyway, back to the story. I glance at the price tag..its $99.95.An alright price for a sweater , than been the classic fabric snob I am a looked at the tag to see what the sweater was made of. Only to find that it was 45% Viscose 35% Nylon 15% Cotton 5% Angora. Yes, it did have Angora , but 5% come on people , that’s nothing! For $99.95 I want more , and I want it now!Shocked and rage filled my body , than I recalled a jumper I found a target basically the same( expect is didn’t have 5% Angora) for around mid $20s.It was that moment when I said out loud to myself “Its not even cashmere “. This resulted in the shop keeper to give me a judgemental look , as I stormed out of the store.

I have done some little research and found that mostly Witchery and Country Road love to rip us of when it comes to cashmere. They charge large amounts for products made in the same place and with the same material as your target sweater. And probably they will live the same life. So , is it the brand we buy or the product or do people just not know what good cashmere is ??ME personal, I don’t think Witchery and Country Road are as big a brand as they think they are. And I will no longer fall for there pitty attempts to attract me with their Viscose and Nylon sweaters!

Your thoughts?

I have included a link to the jumper , is it worth it?

Button down your button up

This one is for all my fellow flat chest ladies. The glory of th3e flat chest is really never shown, its truly wonderful been a A-B , cause it will be very very difficult for you to look like a lady of the night or very boobie. ( Cause you don’t have anything);. Now , I no longer live in the shame of “fake it till you make it ” with my B’s but embrace them and so should you. The other day, I discover another way to use the classic button( second favourite clothing item , after an orange cashmere sweater) in a whole new light. Now what you need to do, if tie it up above your belly button ( this looks best with high wasted pants or skirts ) and forget about the button, just let the top sit over your chest. You should have created a nice deep almost v or rectangle. Now tap the sides, in case of slipping or wear a nice fancy bra under , maybe black lace. To go a little more heavy , add heaps of necklaces and layer the chest up if you feel exposed or just want some fun. This look works best with night looks and I have found works with both silk/ silk like fabrics and normal cotton.
Don’t fake it till you make it, embrace it and race with it!

Bellow is a little outfit inspiration, as I tried to take a picture of mine and it didn’t work.

Put your money where your mouth is

On the 30th of May , in the middle of my intense week of 3 birthday parities all with food and underage drinking, may I say a lovely selection of drinks. I made the decision to take part and commit to the 30 day abs challenge. So when the 1st of June came around I downloaded the app and started. However , today 4 days in commitment is fading as I put of the mini workout later each day. When the clock struck 4;20 and I had yet to complete my set I thought of maybe pure procrastination or putting off the fire in my abs and feeling of vomiting in my brand new beautiful purple work out gear. ( its all purple and lovely ) hit me. Do I a) do my set or b) check my bank account in hope of witness the beautiful sight of money the possibility of new shoes. Since when did our banks account health become before ours?
What I am trying to get at is that in our modern life, money seems to be on our mind and ruling it. It never stops, in my mind I would rather spend money then get fit and stay health. We mistaken into thinking that we can pay our bodies to be a way we want. This can be in the small scale of buying a gym membership , where you only go every 2 weeks and walk slightly on a treadmill for 10 minutes ( if that). Or the other side of the scale in plastic surgery. It makes us question , what we value more. We send copious amounts of cash on our vegan fuelled , gluten free and organic diets. But, could we all just save our money and go for a run ?? Form the next week or till however long I last , I am taking up a new challenge. To not think about the money I have , but I myself and what my body needs. More runs to clear my head and get in touch of what I really need and these worry about my bank account might be a health thing.

think outside of the sqaure

The humble scarf , the little element that tops of the outfit , summer or winner rain or shine. However ,its much more than that , think outside the accessories my friends. Just because you brought your Hermes scarf in the accessories department doesn’t mean you limit the silk to that. Think large m think fun and unique ! Think , strapless top. If you have a wider style scarf the greater the options. It might be a top one day or a skirt the next , make it s cape. Its all about widening the your options. Some tips and hints, you want a big one and normally a silk or silk like blend. Soft cottons are nice but not the best. Try ones with lots of prints and always Ave a safety pin near or some hand bobby pins
Screenshot (151)

Move over Regina George

Move over everyone fab queen bee , she never had kicks like these. But , thanks so the master mind of footwear or shall I say art aka Sophie Webster we can all be Queen Bee’s with these beautiful shoes. The colourful accents make them a must have statement shoe and now coupled with standout text it almost like a match made in heaven. Miss Webster has really created a shoe, that makes me really question what things I could go with out to buy these. Because theses darlings are something that will never go out of trend or style . as they are in a league of their own! These shoes are fit for a Queen and can easily become a style must have for everyone. When making a statement go beyond colour and you can use your words !
Screenshot (148)