Attention all, life changing event to occur

I hope you are sitting down, this is some pretty big news I am about to type out. Two of the greatest thing are about to in some sense become one. J.Crew and Sophia Webster have a collaboration and its coming…. very very soon .So save my darlings save. It comes 23rd April. And my gosh I know its going to be prefect. And I know I will need every single one, all kinds. I will need them all !! I may have only seen three images, but I think I am in love.
Firstly let’s just point it out now, match made in heaven. Combine the power house of prep and with the newest most wonderfully colourful Sophia Webster. I will be surprised if the website doesn’t crash. Or if people are not harmed in store.
Secondly, in some degree the price range is acceptable. My sources tell me that the shoes start from $320-$695.
More important information, we have 13 shoes to fight each other to death over ( its going to happen). Rumour has it in serial different styles and heights
So word or advice ladies, know your size. Work out your best vantage point, may this be in store or online. If your online shopping ( like myself), I pray to the internet Gods, that all those little bars are full, strong and fast ( very fast) and keep your eyes opened . Finally befriend a staff member, charm away. You never know , they may help you out and land you a new lovely pair of shoes! Screenshot (127)


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