Never over , overalls

After crying over that fact that I am not at Coachella, I imaged what I might wear. Them it clicked the overall. But , its so unlike me.At first when the overall or dungaree came onto the scene , some style turned me off. I wonder, this style is never going to suit me. Its soo baggy , it doesn’t give me a defined waste. I don’t like the ugly washes, and the rips. But, then like the angle she is, I discovered Stella Mcarteny overalls. And they do everything right. Paying tribute to the 70’s with a flare bottoms , nice slim waist line. And may I say , it really defines one’s backside in a good way. This overalls are the one for me, the high waist line , creates the affect that I have long legs( which I don’t …sadly) They are fitted and well structured ( as expected from Stella). These overalls, can be day or night.Be flirty by ditching the shirt and wearing the a nice lacy bra ( preferable black) under, who knew an overall could be a little sexy! Or like styled in the picture below , with a crisp white button up! Go 70’s all the way and run with it , I say !!
Screenshot (123)I honestly love everything about them. They are the overall for me! Maybe just the price is one set back. But ooh well.


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