A love letter

A first , I though I wasn’t the right girl for you. I thought I was too short or to small, or wouldn’t have any event just right for you. But, every day I gazed and dreamed of you softly hugging my figure. I search ever place possible to find you, but failed. It was until one shopping night, and a couple of champagnes later when I finial found you , in the flesh. I saw you, and I knew that we would be a match, a prefect match. I built up the courage and final tried you on, and I was right …you where prefect.
You my beautiful friend , the tight mid calf stripped and/ or polka dot dress, you are my true love.
I can take you anywhere and when I wear you , I know anything can happen. You can be causal in the day if ballet flats or bright brogues , but yet ooh soo chic and lady like in the evening. You truly know how to enchase my body and how to attract the right type of people 😉 . Mid calf dress , you will never go out and i can never have to many , you are my new staple and I will love you everyday. ( As long as you don’t stretch my dear, please don’t). I have found another dress to add to my collection , and it really is beautiful and i really do need it. What colour, you say white or navy. Both I say , both. I would like to thank Zara, my trusty make matcher for finding me another lover , you never let me downs Zara and that why I love you.
Hugs and kisses


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