Embrace the Dot

`Polka what ?? Polka dot! As it starts to get a tad cooler in my home city, I finally get to wear my favourite thing, button ups. You see there is one that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to wear and that’s my Tommy Hilfiger polka dot button up. Its just soo cute and fun. So the question is , what to wear your polka with. Polka dots can actually be used in both day to night, you can even get polka dot pjs. For my usual uni get up, I pair my polka dot with baggie ( almost boyfriend ) denim cut off. Funny story they cost e lie $10 and where kids jeans that I cut myself ( I know I am super creative!!). But to add a little each pop ! I pair it with my orange slippers ( everyone needs one orange shoes ) and a matching orange cashmere jumper ( that I got at black Friday sales for $30) and that my day time polka ! When wearing polka dots , you already stand out , so stand out some more with pops of colour. One great tip if your not that brace is the classic red or nice tropical red lipstick (again this can be day or night) and match the nails!

Now for night! Pencil or a mini creates a power couple ! got for a floral or a gold to make a bold statement. Cause polka dots are chic my friend , very chic. Now shoes, my favourite go statement, when wearing polka be brave and my carry the outfit all the way to the feet. Draw shoe inspiration from the greats i.e Charlotte Olympia , Sophie Webster, Nicholas Kirkwood etc.
When working with the dot , embrace is don’t play it down , play it up. Have fun , but use softer tones like my denim shorts.


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