Thing that will improve your life by 1%

Words can not even describe the beauty that is this skirt ! It is just heaven in a skirt. It just ! Amazing ! Normally I am not the biggest Camilla fan, ( I find it to over priced ) but there is something about these skirt. Maybe its the detail and the texture. Ohhh am I a sucker for texture, love it!!!! I honestly need this right now. It can be a day skirt and a night skirt , dare I saw even a dust or dawn skirt. Its just everything I have ever dreamed of or ever needed. Its boho, but isn’t not. Its got colour, that I love and its just soo classically Australiana , I love. This is a prefect bench mark of what Australian fashion should (hopefully) become Its my new love and I know it will love me back.
Screenshot (103)

Screenshot (104)

Here is a link to this beauty , if you would love to be kind, maybe add an extra in your bag for me.


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