Swav, is the new swag

One word. Swav !And how does one achieve this , simple the Tuxedo Its simple little equation
tuxedo+ nice shoes= swav

Suite up ladies! There is something about the tux, when guys wear it well, you want to take it off. When a girl wears she looks clean fresh, feminine with a hint of Beyoncé power . Ever since I was inspired by Christian Dior display of the lady tux, I was in love. Raff Simons almost has a different variation of a suite each collection and that’s why I love him. I have always loved men’s clothing on women , there is something about it. The clean lines can actually look my seductive then a very short mini and low cut top. When you wear a tux, its almost like you have the world in your hand, you have got da power!!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty :The best ways to wear it. My suitespiration ( get it I had a little giggle) is Cara, she does it well ohh so well. For a more played down look turn to Ms Wastons or Alexa Chung
Classic black, make sure it fights my friends. Tailoring is the key here, especially in the pants and the hem. It doesn’t have to be black , try a fresh white to stand out from the crowd. So next time an event calls for “black tie” or even if it doesn’t got the Swav way, pick the tuxedo.

Dior  fall/winter 2013 couture.

Dior fall/winter 2013 couture.

Cara in Burberry

Cara in Burberry

Cara in Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Cara in Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Alexa Chung in plaid

Alexa Chung in plaid

Please note , I have source all these images.
Got a question??? Or even a comment. Just send me a little message, I am happy to help !


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