Getting Personal

Now, this is a little off topic but, sometimes you need a break. Many people say I am shy, well I am not really shy. I just don’t won’t to talk to you. Maybe its a girl thing, or maybe I am a little quite. We tend to also, have double personality and like most people I open up more around nice people. But, in modern times I feel we keep to ourselves , cause we know soooo many people now. For example on my way to and around uni, to avoid running into to people, such as annoying people or possible relationship dead ends. I choose to wear a chap and I may say its becoming my new accessory! Not only does it , protect my face from unwanted attention, is great for a bad hair day, I am going for the whole ‘sports Luxe trend’, but! Its sun safe, meaning its actually practical. But, remember fellow Cashmere lovers the best thing to do to catty people is smile and don’t let them know that you hate have a minor disliking towards them


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