Month: April 2014

Attention all, life changing event to occur

I hope you are sitting down, this is some pretty big news I am about to type out. Two of the greatest thing are about to in some sense become one. J.Crew and Sophia Webster have a collaboration and its coming…. very very soon .So save my darlings save. It comes 23rd April. And my gosh I know its going to be prefect. And I know I will need every single one, all kinds. I will need them all !! I may have only seen three images, but I think I am in love.
Firstly let’s just point it out now, match made in heaven. Combine the power house of prep and with the newest most wonderfully colourful Sophia Webster. I will be surprised if the website doesn’t crash. Or if people are not harmed in store.
Secondly, in some degree the price range is acceptable. My sources tell me that the shoes start from $320-$695.
More important information, we have 13 shoes to fight each other to death over ( its going to happen). Rumour has it in serial different styles and heights
So word or advice ladies, know your size. Work out your best vantage point, may this be in store or online. If your online shopping ( like myself), I pray to the internet Gods, that all those little bars are full, strong and fast ( very fast) and keep your eyes opened . Finally befriend a staff member, charm away. You never know , they may help you out and land you a new lovely pair of shoes! Screenshot (127)


Never over , overalls

After crying over that fact that I am not at Coachella, I imaged what I might wear. Them it clicked the overall. But , its so unlike me.At first when the overall or dungaree came onto the scene , some style turned me off. I wonder, this style is never going to suit me. Its soo baggy , it doesn’t give me a defined waste. I don’t like the ugly washes, and the rips. But, then like the angle she is, I discovered Stella Mcarteny overalls. And they do everything right. Paying tribute to the 70’s with a flare bottoms , nice slim waist line. And may I say , it really defines one’s backside in a good way. This overalls are the one for me, the high waist line , creates the affect that I have long legs( which I don’t …sadly) They are fitted and well structured ( as expected from Stella). These overalls, can be day or night.Be flirty by ditching the shirt and wearing the a nice lacy bra ( preferable black) under, who knew an overall could be a little sexy! Or like styled in the picture below , with a crisp white button up! Go 70’s all the way and run with it , I say !!
Screenshot (123)I honestly love everything about them. They are the overall for me! Maybe just the price is one set back. But ooh well.

Heaven in your hands

This my friends is more then a clutch, its art dare I say haven in your hand.One beautiful piece of art that I must have. Even if I never take it any where or if I can’t hold anything , its just amazing. This clutch will and can go with anything. You could honestly be in the worst clothing ever , but this clutch is mini Pasco that holds my phone, will transform your look. Completely !!!!!!!

I just cannot get over how beautiful and so off the grid , its truly a wonderful work of craftsmanship and creativity. And I think you should all buy me one ( or two..or three) for my birthday

A love letter

A first , I though I wasn’t the right girl for you. I thought I was too short or to small, or wouldn’t have any event just right for you. But, every day I gazed and dreamed of you softly hugging my figure. I search ever place possible to find you, but failed. It was until one shopping night, and a couple of champagnes later when I finial found you , in the flesh. I saw you, and I knew that we would be a match, a prefect match. I built up the courage and final tried you on, and I was right …you where prefect.
You my beautiful friend , the tight mid calf stripped and/ or polka dot dress, you are my true love.
I can take you anywhere and when I wear you , I know anything can happen. You can be causal in the day if ballet flats or bright brogues , but yet ooh soo chic and lady like in the evening. You truly know how to enchase my body and how to attract the right type of people 😉 . Mid calf dress , you will never go out and i can never have to many , you are my new staple and I will love you everyday. ( As long as you don’t stretch my dear, please don’t). I have found another dress to add to my collection , and it really is beautiful and i really do need it. What colour, you say white or navy. Both I say , both. I would like to thank Zara, my trusty make matcher for finding me another lover , you never let me downs Zara and that why I love you.
Hugs and kisses

Embrace the Dot

`Polka what ?? Polka dot! As it starts to get a tad cooler in my home city, I finally get to wear my favourite thing, button ups. You see there is one that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to wear and that’s my Tommy Hilfiger polka dot button up. Its just soo cute and fun. So the question is , what to wear your polka with. Polka dots can actually be used in both day to night, you can even get polka dot pjs. For my usual uni get up, I pair my polka dot with baggie ( almost boyfriend ) denim cut off. Funny story they cost e lie $10 and where kids jeans that I cut myself ( I know I am super creative!!). But to add a little each pop ! I pair it with my orange slippers ( everyone needs one orange shoes ) and a matching orange cashmere jumper ( that I got at black Friday sales for $30) and that my day time polka ! When wearing polka dots , you already stand out , so stand out some more with pops of colour. One great tip if your not that brace is the classic red or nice tropical red lipstick (again this can be day or night) and match the nails!

Now for night! Pencil or a mini creates a power couple ! got for a floral or a gold to make a bold statement. Cause polka dots are chic my friend , very chic. Now shoes, my favourite go statement, when wearing polka be brave and my carry the outfit all the way to the feet. Draw shoe inspiration from the greats i.e Charlotte Olympia , Sophie Webster, Nicholas Kirkwood etc.
When working with the dot , embrace is don’t play it down , play it up. Have fun , but use softer tones like my denim shorts.

Thing that will improve your life by 1%

Words can not even describe the beauty that is this skirt ! It is just heaven in a skirt. It just ! Amazing ! Normally I am not the biggest Camilla fan, ( I find it to over priced ) but there is something about these skirt. Maybe its the detail and the texture. Ohhh am I a sucker for texture, love it!!!! I honestly need this right now. It can be a day skirt and a night skirt , dare I saw even a dust or dawn skirt. Its just everything I have ever dreamed of or ever needed. Its boho, but isn’t not. Its got colour, that I love and its just soo classically Australiana , I love. This is a prefect bench mark of what Australian fashion should (hopefully) become Its my new love and I know it will love me back.
Screenshot (103)

Screenshot (104)

Here is a link to this beauty , if you would love to be kind, maybe add an extra in your bag for me.

Shoe Game

Shoe game : a ‘game’ played, where the winner has what seems to be the ‘best’ shoe , in terms of statement.

I pride myself on my elite shoe game, the brighter the better. I don’t shy away from a textured shoe or outrages print. My goal is to have every colour I can possible get my coral nails on! AND IT WILL HAPPEN !!! But, you see the most important thing with shoe game, is not the price or amount you have( although it would be nice) , but the quality. For me everything comes down to quality , always buy the shoe that will last both in terms of style and quality. You don’t want your brand new shoes breaking now , do you.
Go for the beautiful soft leather scrappy sandals , that are unique and they are more likely to hurt you. Go for a shoes that stands out from the crowd. Such as Kate Spades new collection, with her quirky flats and 50’s heels. I truly believe I need then and maybe some place nice to wear them.
I have found that the more outrages the pattern , that is will always be in trend.Personally with shoes, I don’t like to buy in trends, some of them I hate such as these ( see below). They just look grown on some many levels. Sorry, but if you are wearing them , you are losing the ‘game’.
You must always be on point with your shoe game unlike those horrible things, always strong and forever improving. I have found a new shoe to improve mine during the Australian winter and they are beautiful. I believe you can tell a lot about a person, by there shoes. They are the eyes into someone’s soul. I you would be surprised how true that.

Can we just say no to these shoes

How to lose at the shoe game

How to lose at the shoe game

Improve your shoes game for winter

For summer, fresh from Kate spade
Kate spade GO taxi flats !

Kate spade GO taxi flats !

Kate Spade Ivan Heels

Kate Spade Ivan Heels

Getting Personal

Now, this is a little off topic but, sometimes you need a break. Many people say I am shy, well I am not really shy. I just don’t won’t to talk to you. Maybe its a girl thing, or maybe I am a little quite. We tend to also, have double personality and like most people I open up more around nice people. But, in modern times I feel we keep to ourselves , cause we know soooo many people now. For example on my way to and around uni, to avoid running into to people, such as annoying people or possible relationship dead ends. I choose to wear a chap and I may say its becoming my new accessory! Not only does it , protect my face from unwanted attention, is great for a bad hair day, I am going for the whole ‘sports Luxe trend’, but! Its sun safe, meaning its actually practical. But, remember fellow Cashmere lovers the best thing to do to catty people is smile and don’t let them know that you hate have a minor disliking towards them

Swav, is the new swag

One word. Swav !And how does one achieve this , simple the Tuxedo Its simple little equation
tuxedo+ nice shoes= swav

Suite up ladies! There is something about the tux, when guys wear it well, you want to take it off. When a girl wears she looks clean fresh, feminine with a hint of Beyoncé power . Ever since I was inspired by Christian Dior display of the lady tux, I was in love. Raff Simons almost has a different variation of a suite each collection and that’s why I love him. I have always loved men’s clothing on women , there is something about it. The clean lines can actually look my seductive then a very short mini and low cut top. When you wear a tux, its almost like you have the world in your hand, you have got da power!!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty :The best ways to wear it. My suitespiration ( get it I had a little giggle) is Cara, she does it well ohh so well. For a more played down look turn to Ms Wastons or Alexa Chung
Classic black, make sure it fights my friends. Tailoring is the key here, especially in the pants and the hem. It doesn’t have to be black , try a fresh white to stand out from the crowd. So next time an event calls for “black tie” or even if it doesn’t got the Swav way, pick the tuxedo.

Dior  fall/winter 2013 couture.

Dior fall/winter 2013 couture.

Cara in Burberry

Cara in Burberry

Cara in Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Cara in Tuxedo Jumpsuit

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Alexa Chung in plaid

Alexa Chung in plaid

Please note , I have source all these images.
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