Things that will improve your life by 1% ( or more)

The first in a serious of things that will improve your life by 1% ( or dare I say even 2%). Small issues, these items may not improve your bank balance, but what the hell. Carpe Diem!!! ( its sounds much classier then YOLO)

Shall we begin..?
1. Balmain leather biker jacket, so you can be a boss ass bi**ch ( queue the music) and scare all the people in your neighbourhood into thinking that you are part of an outlaw biker gang. Not only does this wonder of God define the term “rebel “, in the most sophisticated way possible. But , it is a staple in any wardrobe, if your a hard core punk , to a devote member of minimalism. This jacket goes beyond the usually functions of a leather jacket i.e been warm and actually covering your body. That’s right Burberry Prorusm , that plastic coat Spring 2014 RTW was beautiful , but I will only ever wear it when its raining ( champagne , cause its Burberry darling) . Sadly when it comes to leather jackets, Balmain especially we aren’t all rich litter kittens, however there are other options, such as selling organs on the black market.

When it comes to leather, its truly the case of “you get what you pay for”. So , I know your first instincts is to hit up Zara. But, if you pay less then $100, well then you are going to get pleather. And thats not a good look. A leather jacket is truly and investment that will never go out of style, because rebels are always in trend. Now , because we all can’t spend $4,817 on a leather jacket. We do have options, one of my many happy places ‘The Outlet’ can have great little deals , like this well structured and cut biker by Muubaa , for $281.25 and last time I checked it was still in ever size ( hurry!!!) I would also recommend hitting up vintage and second hand stores for a nice find, the leather will be softer , but still as fabulous. Take the effortless rebel found within the structure of the Balmain and seek out its little (cheaper) cousins. This might be jackets with gold zip accents , slender fit or the quilted leather. Find the one thing that in theses jackets that you love and then exploit an develop into your wardrobe.

The Biker ” It’s Balmain Baby

Black Nylon Biker Jacket Black leather Biker Jacket with asymmetrical zipper


Black Leather Biker Jacket

Almost Balmain , but half the price




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